Monday, April 8, 2013

Uncle Bubba and Aunt Audray’s Wedding

Here are some photos from my baby brother’s wedding.  It was a beautiful weekend.   I couldn’t be happier for my brother.  Audray is the PERFECT woman for my brother. Welcome to the family Aunt Audray, we love you!

April 6, 2013

The N at Hardway Ranch

wedding 17wedding 25

wedding 15

Grandpa and Audray’s brother’s baby Jack

weddingwedding 9

I was a hot crying mess… so happy for my brother

wedding 20wedding 21wedding 22

my sweet babies did so wonderful

wedding 1wedding 2wedding 3

watching my beautiful SIL walk down the aisle

wedding 5

wedding 8

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moran

wedding 14

Momma and her babies

wedding 19

my sweet family

wedding 12

first dance

wedding 4

I love this pic

wedding 6

my new sister, Audray

wedding 7wedding 10

time to party!!

wedding 11

mother and son dance

wedding 13

The happy couple!

Congrats!!! We love you!!!