Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Fun


Zach, Me, Sophia, Matthew, Grandma and Grandpa



Matthew, Audray, Zach, me, Grandpa, Grandma, Sophia, Aunt Pat, Chris, Abbey and Luke


Abbey and Robin, Matthew, Zach, Me, Grandpa, Grandma and Sophia, Chris, and Luke

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lunch Play Date

Today my dear friends Melissa and Laura came over with their little ones for lunch.  We had Laura’s two little girls, Emily, 3 years, and Molly, 3 months, Melissa’s little on, Patrick, 3 months, and Sophia, 19 months!

Emily and Sophia had a great time playing with the tea set and Patrick and Molly just hung out and chilled.  We had a great time catching up.


Sweet Molly looking for her thumb





   Patrick with his bright blue eyes… just like his daddy!


Sophia and Emily having lunch at her table



  sweet little Patrick

Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Club

So I have been working out at 24 Hour for about a week and a half now working up the nerve and losing my anxiety of dropping Sophia off at her first encounter with “daycare” and took her this morning.  Thankfully my mom is also working out there and I had her moral support for leaving Sophia.  I know it is a good thing for her to be around other kids since she isn’t at her sitters, so it was more about my anxiety than anything.

So we go in, I fill out the paper work and my mom starts to play with Sophia, mean while an older buff man who works there started talking to S, she was not sure at all about that.  Up Up Up she says to Grandma, so they find some little girls and Sophia immediately wants to start playing and we sneak off to work out.

We peaked in half way and she was climbing all over the place and having a grand ole time.  We finish our work out, head back in, we look up and she is screaming, angry at this little boy (not sure if she was taking his toy or if he took it from her) but she stole the toy and two older girls were sitting with her and reading to her… she then had a huge smile on her face with little giggles…. it melted my heart, made me so happy and completely took away all my anxiety…well at least until the next time… but definitely a lot less than before! 

So in all a success… Daddy got to sleep in, I got to work out and Sophia got to play with some other kids!

Friday, July 16, 2010

19 months

Really I just wrote 19 months… I am now a mommy to a toddler, a walking, talking little person who I have conversations with, it is AMAZING!
Sophia at 19 months you:

  • sleep 12 hours a night, take one after noon nap

  • wear size 3 pampers, and size 4 walmart diapers (which are wonderful by the way)

  • wear 12-8 month clothes and love your clothes draw and trying to put on your own clothes

  • love pull ups and training pants, but I have a TON of diapers I need to finish using first

  • love eating snacks and love fruit

  • have a very determined personality

  • talk up a storm and want to know what everything is

  • you love “bossing” Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Honey around

  • love coloring, pens, baby dolls, turtles, your chair, books, clothes, shoes, cooking with your play toys

  • oh and you prefer to have no clothes on and just your diaper!!!
Check out her 19 month left handed pen grip!  Pretty amazing if you ask me, she is such a grown up little girl, it AMAZES me everyday the new things she can do!
I love you as much as the world is round! xoxoxo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Paint Party

Tuesday we took on another house project.  We painted the kitchen ,office, living room and hall ways!  On top of the Matthew and Zach tilled up the backyard so that we can lay sod after our trip to Florida!  Over all, we got all the paint done in one day!!  And the backyard too!

IMG_4894 IMG_4901 IMG_4905 IMG_4907 IMG_4912


helping us clean afterwards!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Playing in her turtle pool!

IMG_4881 IMG_4882 IMG_4887

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sophia and Bella Rae

Friday night Bella Rae came to stay at Honey and Pops and we went over for dinner and let the cousins play!
Honey with her girls!
Daddy and his little girl
Playing with the grass
   IMG_4828 IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4835
Watching the rain with Uncle Matt and Daddy
 IMG_4839 IMG_4842
Sophia feeding Bella Rae dinner
 IMG_4847 IMG_4851 IMG_4852 IMG_4853 IMG_4854 IMG_4856
Bella Rae, Matt, Pops, and Great Grandma
Sophia, Daddy, Pops, and Great Grandma
Watching the rain again!
Happy Girl Bella Rae…. she is a little piranha
Sophia loving on Patrick
Helping him out with his toys
       Big Boy Patrick

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July 2010

This year just like last year and the years before we headed out to my parents lake house for the 4th!  This year was a full house, The Bryson’s and DeHaven’s and Mitchell’s, plus the Schroeder’s and the one Moran!  There were lots of fun festivities.  Food, Fun, and Fireworks!!


Honey and Sophia


Sweet little Presley


Roxie and Presley


  It takes a Grandma and a Honey to feed Sophia!  She loved all the attention!


Daddy and Sophia


happy girl


ready for the party!


checking out the fire crackers the big kids were setting off


Mommas and their girls!


S and P just love each other so much 


they had a blast just running all over the place







getting the fireworks set up



Mommy, Daddy and Sophia


Honey Pops and Sophia


Roxie, Christopher and Audray


checking the fireworks one last time


the party has started! 


   Jeremy and Presley right before her bed time

and now for the fireworks!!

IMG_4756 IMG_4767 IMG_4776 IMG_4782 IMG_4784 IMG_4787 IMG_4789 IMG_4791 IMG_4799 IMG_4804 IMG_4805 IMG_4807 

great job boys, they were AWESOME!