Monday, January 26, 2009

Uncle Matthew and Sophia

My brother stopped by yesterday to hang out, play with Sophia and cook us some dinner. He also decided to dress Sophia... check out the outfit!!

First he picked out the boots....
And then her camo outfit that he got her for Christmas. He might have to get her a new one every three months... he loves when she wears it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Family Visit

Last weekend my mom's side of the family came to visit and meet sweet Sophia. My two aunts, cousin and grandfather all came in on last Thursday. We spent the weekend relaxing and adoring Sophia. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Me, Bobbies (my grandfather) Sophia and Zach
Zach, me, Bobbies, Sophia, Grandma and Gramps (were trying out different names for Larry)

4 generations
Aunt Pat, me, Bobbies, Sophia, Aunt Judi, Grandma, Nicole
after bath time at Grandma's
Bobbies feeding Sophia's slumber party... 5 am feeding
Grandma and Sophia after getting our nails done!
Gramps and Sophia
Zach, Sophia and me
Me and my sweet Sophia

Friday, January 16, 2009

I month old

I can't believe that my sweet little angel is already one month old. It has been a very long, month of ups and downs, but I have loved every minute of it all.

We had a very busy day... Sophia's Great Grandfather, Great Aunts and cousin from Philly came to visit for the weekend. We got up today and all the girls went for mani and pedis, and yes even Sophia went along too. Then we spent the day at my mom's celebrating one whole month of our sweet little angel Sophia being in our lives. Then later that night, Zach and I went home alone to get a good nights rest. It is weird not having her with us... so far so good, I know she is in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa, two Great Aunts and my cousin... and Great Grandfather!! (I'll post pictures of everyone after the weekend)

Sophia at 1 month
We have discovered that Sophia has a "cranky" time period during the day... well should I say night... from 8 to 11. We have tried bottle feeding, nursing, rocking, swaddling, pacifier, gas drops, bottle and nursing (4 oz bottle, and then nursing... o my) laying on her tummy, hold her on my shoulder, laying on her back and working her legs.... Nothing really seems to work.... she just kinda screams then naps, then screams... suggestions on what to do are welcome.

On a happier note, I think that she is loosing a lot of her hair but still has a lot of it. Her eyes are no longer brown... but a darker blue... so I think they will be blue. She is growing out of her newborn clothes and into her 0-3 month clothes!!! Last week at the ENT appointment she was 9 pounds 2 ounces (with clothes on.)

She already does so many things:
  • swings her head a round like crazy and holds it up pretty well
  • rolls from side to side when laying on the floor
  • makes eye contact with mommy and daddy
  • recognizes mommy and daddy's voices
  • she is starting to mimic faces, especially smiling back
  • she enjoys bath time and her bouncer and of course being held and rocked to sleep.
  • she has a beautiful smile with dimples!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday Visitors

On Thursday morning Stacie and her son, Hudson, came to meet sweet little Sophia. Zach enjoyed playing with Hudson while Stacie got to hold Sophia.
Zach and Hudson

Zach and Hudson (Hudson loving on Maverick)
Stacie holding Sophia while Hudson discovered Sophia, he was super cute and all smiles.

Later that day, Lindsay and Kevin came over to watch the BCS bowl game and to play with Sophia.
Lindsay feeding Sophia.
Lindsay and Kevin

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Night Night

Isn't she just precious!!!
Here's hoping she sleeps tonight instead of playing til 3 am!! Thankfully Zach is still home and he let me sleep last night... so I hope that she will take her bottle and then sleep til I nurse at 5 am!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

2008 was a great year with many blessings to be thankful for, especially since we were given our most precious gift, Sophia. For New Years we went out to my parents lake house on Tuesday after Sophia's 2 week check up.
Sophia's 2 week check up:
She is growing right before my eyes. On the 22nd she weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and on Tuesday the 30th she was 8 lbs 6.5 oz.. she gained 9 oz in 8 days!! The doctor said that her weight is average, as well as her head circumference, however she is 21.5 inches long and that puts her in the 80th percentile. She is going to be a tall little lady with long fingers and toes. The appointment went really well. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and then came home and packed up the car to head to the lake to celebrate the new year. The car was packed super full. Maverick had to ride next to Sophia in the back. He was great with her. He slept with her the whole way to the lake house... an hour and half trip. Sophia did great as well. As soon as we got there Grandma was there waiting for us, well really for Sophia. She had her out of the carseat in mintues and was ready to play with her. The rest of of Tuesday was quiet and relaxing.
Wednesday during the day was very quiet and relaxing... Sophia and I did a lot of sleeping to get ready for the big night, the big party at my parents house. A bunch of the ladies in the neighborhood came over to help my mom decorate for the party. They go all out, karoke, disco ball, dancing, food, and lots and lots of drinks... don't forget the fireworks at midnight!! Zach and I got all dressed up... well the most dressed that I have been since having Sophia, so that felt good. Sophia got all dressed up in her Miss December shirt that my mom got her, her black pants, hair bow, and of course her black patent leather shoes!! We sang some karoke and did a bit of dancing (slow dancing, I still can't do too much moving) We watched the fireworks at midnight and I enjoyed a few glasses of champagne. (my first drink in about 10 months!!) Plus that night Grandma and Grandpa kept Sophia in their room and I got to sleep from 12:20 to 8:45... it was wonderful.
A very, very quiet and relaxing day. I got up at 8:45 and fed Sophia, my mom cooked a great breakfast for me... I napped all day... Zach slept til 3:00 in the afternoon.... he was super tired from staying up so much later with everyone on New Year's Eve. Later that night my mom cooked a super yummy dinner and then we all sat around and played and watched Sophia. We also changed up Sophia's nursing schedule some by moving her 1 am feeding back to 12 am. It went really well. She slept from 12:45-5 am, but I had to wake her up to feed at 5 am. It was great.
The boys went fishing for the day they caught about 60 catfish!!!... Grandpa went and played golf, and the girls (Sophia, me, and Grandma) stayed home and watched the very very sad TECH game. We also went for a stroll around the lake, which was the most exercise that I have had in a couple of months. Again later that night we did the 12 am feeding and again I had to wake her up at 5 am to feed. It was again very exciting, I pumped at 11, and was asleep at 11:30, and Zach fed her at 12 am.
We packed up the car again and headed back to Dallas. Sophia does very well in the car, it puts her right to sleep! We had a very relaxing time and enjoyed all our time with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Matthew.