Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010


Memorial Day we headed out to the lake for the weekend.  It was a great weekend and we got to do lots and lots of relaxing.   Sophia got in the pool for the first time this year and of course loved it again this summer.

Swimming with Grandma





Sophia and Daddy



Golf cart ride with Grandma.  If it were up to Sophia she would stay on the golf cart all weekend going on turtle hunts with Grandma!


Crazy hair after yet another golf cart ride!


Snack time with Jordan!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lunch at Babes

Today we met Zach’s friends Craig and Laura and their two girls, Emily and Molly, Jason and Melissa, and their son Patrick, Chris and Valerie and Steve for lunch at Babes.  We had a great time.

3-10-10 175


3-10-10 177

Patrick and Molly

3-10-10 178

Melissa, Jason and Patrick

3-10-10 180

Me and Sophia

3-10-10 184

The boys, Craig, Chris, Jason, Steve, and Zach

3-10-10 186

Sophia giving kisses to Patrick

     3-10-10 187 3-10-10 188

Patrick and Molly (they share birthdays)

3-10-10 189

sweet Emily!

Taking baby for a walk…

Sophia was super excited to take her baby to the park… baby was even lucky enough to have clothes on too!




Super happy and excited to go to the park.


pushing baby on the swing, Sophia will not get on the swing, she’s not a fan… she didn’t like the baby swing as a baby either!


IMG_4318 IMG_4315

time to go home!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My first book signing!


We went to Legacy Books at the Shops of Legacy for a book signing by one of Zach’s favorite authors, Lee Child.  Sophia and I played in the children’s books and went for a walk around the shops.  Afterwards we headed to Abuelo’s for dinner.  We had a great time!

3-10-10 168

Lee Child speaking

3-10-10 169

waiting in line to meet Lee Child

3-10-10 171

Sophia, Daddy and Lee Child

   3-10-10 173

me and Sophia at dinner!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

17 months


Playing in Mommy’s shoes!!





Sophia at 17 months you:

  • wear size 3 diapers, 6, 9, and 12 month onesies (crazy I know), but mostly 12-18 month clothes and size 5 shoes
  • love fruit especially pears, oranges and bananas
  • eat with a fork and spoon
  • still take about 2 bottles a day, since you refuse to drink milk from a cup
  • run everywhere
  • love to play dolls
  • try to take your clothes off so you can play dress up with your clothes
  • love being outside and go to the park
  • love when Grandma and Honey come to see you or you go to see them, you love Grandpa and Pops too, but you really really LOVE Grandma and Honey
  • love playing and being around other babies and kids
  • love shoes and purses
  • color with crayons (I predict you are going to be left handed)
  • understand 2 step directions, you are super smart
  • have so many words
  • love playing with Daddy and telling Mommy and Daddy to come and sit with you
  • talk to everyone that will talk to you and yes that includes strangers passing by
  • are interested in books, but you don’t want us to read to you because you want to read them yourself, or at least turn the pages on your own
  • love sitting in chairs and have started to refuse sitting in your highchair
  • have started tell Mommy and Daddy when you have gone pee or poo in your diaper and are very interested in the toilet and sitting on it, I am thinking potty training is not too far off

Words you Know:

Momma, Dada, Doggie, Dog, This, Thank you, Trent, Jordan, juice, yes, please, Buggie (Buh-Buh) Grandma and Grandpa (which actually sound like anma and anpa) Mammaw, ba-ba, hi, bye, ball, hot, stinky, peepee, please, baby, bubbles, up, down, eyes

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day

So for mother’s day we headed to my parents lake house for the weekend.  My brother met us there along with Jeremy, Roxie, and Presley.  We also had surprise visitors.  Mark was driving through to see his mom so he dropped Patty off to spend the weekend with us!







The girls in their PJ’s

Saturday was a wonderful day with all of the family.  We hung out outside and played with the girls all afternoon.  Days can’t get any better than this.







Sunday, the husbands (and grandma’s) let the mommies sleep in.  Once we got up they even helped with breakfast!  It was a great weekend.  I had a great mother’s day!

Monday, May 3, 2010



This is right after dressing up her baby doll, she was so proud of herself… she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES playing with her baby dolls!

IMG_4160 Baby All Dolled Up!


Putting the babies to bed!