Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner for new Parents

Tonight we went over to our friends Jason and Melissa’s to bring them dinner since they just had their new little baby Patrick.  We had a lot of fun hanging out.  I got in some baby time with Patrick and got to hold and love on him.  Sophia was so good.  She was so sweet with Patrick.  She kept saying baby, baby, and giving Patrick kisses and pointing at him.  The new mommy and daddy are doing really well with their new gift from God. Here are a few pics.


Zach and Big Rick (Zach’s new nick name for Patrick and Jason thought it was hilarious, but Melissa may not have been a fan, which I understand, since I wanted Sophia to be called Sophia)


sweet little boy


Me, Patrick, Sophia and Bug Bug!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Schroeder Wedding

  This past weekend we headed up to Springfield, MO for my cousin Breanne’s wedding.  We packed up the car and headed out Thursday after school.  Sophia was ok for about and hour and a half, so we stopped for dinner in Durant, photo(8) photo(9) playing in the car

Then we headed back out, she was super fussy until about 9:30 when she finally just passed out.  We arrived in  Springfield late that night around 12:30, checked in set up shop.  Sophia slept for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes when she decided it was time to play, we tried to get her to go back down with no luck, Zach drove her around Springfield and I got 3 hours of beauty rest and then we switched off and he got 3 hours of sleep.  Sophia did not go back down until 11:30 am while we were running some errands, then she thankfully took a 2 hour afternoon nap with me!  Later that night on Friday we had my cousin’s rehearsal dinner, which was beautiful and fun!  Sophia did so great.  She even slept all night long in her pack n play!photo(5)playing during the rehearsal dinner

Saturday morning Sophia and I got up and ate breakfast with all the Schroeder’s.  Then headed back to take a nap, mean while learning that my mom had to go to the ER in Springfield for kidney stones.  We were afraid she wouldn’t make the wedding at 1:30, but she was back and ready to go just in time.  The wedding was very beautiful, as was the bride.  Sophia did so amazingly well during the wedding.  She just sat and played very quietly and was such a little angel.  She loved dancing and running around with all of the kids at the reception as well.  So much in fact that she just collapsed in my arms during all the dancing and singing.  She was just so precious.  My aunt got a sitter for all the little ones back at the hotel, so we got to enjoy the rest of the reception baby free.  We had a wonderful time.

137  Grandpa, Grandma, Sophia, Me, Zach, Audray and Matthew

photo(4)asleep during the reception

Sunday after breakfast we said our good-byes to everyone and headed out around 10:30 and this time Sophia did so great on the way back in the car!  Overall it was a great trip.  Congrats Breanne and Eric.

I didn’t take very many pictures at the wedding, but my brother’s girlfriend Audray did so hopefully I will get those soon and be able to add them to the post.

Friday, April 16, 2010

16 months


too busy for a picture this month!

Sophia at 16 months you:

  • wear a size 3 diaper, 6 month onesies still, some 6-12 month dresses, but mostly 12-18 month clothes and size 4/5 shoes.
  • still weigh only about 22 lbs and are almost 31 1/2 inches tall
  • sleep from 7:30 pm to 6 am and take 2 two hour naps with Mammaw, but with Mommy and Daddy only one nap!
  • you talk none stop and you have so many new words: Momma, Dada, Doggie, Dog, This, Thank you, Trent, Jordan, juice, yes, please, Buggie (Buh-Buh) Grandma and Grandpa (which actually sound like anma and anpa) Mammaw, ba-ba, hi
  • can point to who momma, dada, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Matthew, Audray, Honey, Pops, Mammaw, Jordan, and Presley
  • can point to nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, and belly button
  • discovered that your finger can go in your nose
  • now love playing with your baby doll and stroller, jewelry (especially bracelets and necklaces) and your all time favorite BABY WIPES
  • play lots of games, love books, and attempting to play dress up by putting on your clothes, or at least trying to do so
  • prefer to have no clothes on, but love putting on your socks and shoes all by yourself
  • still take 2-3 bottles a day, but are getting better at drinking your milk from a sippee cup
  • learned to drink from a straw when it is something that is really motivating for you, like orange soda!
  • have become quite the little clown lately and are making silly faces and sticking out your tongue and then you laugh at yourself, it is too cute
  • are still a momma’s girl, but are starting to want to go to daddy more and more

You are very much my most precious gift everyday.  You make everything better when we are together and when I think of your adorable smile with your two dimples on either side of your mouth. You are my teacher and I learn from you everyday.  I know everyday how blessed we are just by looking at you. I love you more than the sun is bright.  BUNCHES XOXOXO

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Molly Helena May




Daddy, Big Sister Emily and Molly.  She was so sweet and tiny, well I guess not tiny she was 9 lbs.  This time I didn’t get pics of Molly with her Mommy, but I am hoping next time I will.

Patrick Haydon Mains





Proud Momma with Patrick, I didn’t get any of Daddy with Patrick, but maybe next time!  He is just precious!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Babies... yes babies

and no I am not preggo.

Our really good friends had thier babies today.

Jason and Melissa had their little boy today, Patrick Haydon Mains, 5:27 pm and 7 lbs 14 oz.

And Craig and Laura had their second little girl, Molly Helena May, 9 lbs 2 oz (not sure what time.)

Both mommies and babies are doing great.  Pictures to come tomorrow!

We couldn't be happier for both couples.  We love you all and can't wait to meet Patrick and Molly!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trip to the Playground

Honey and Pops brought Sophia back this morning and she was sad to see them go, so we loaded her up in the stroller and walked to the playground down the street for some play time.







Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Sunday we got up and went to lunch at Great Grandma Nancys with Honey and Uncle Matt and Lindsay.  Afterwards we went to my cousin Chris’s but sadly did not get one picture but enjoyed watching the kids play and the beautiful Texas weather. 
IMG_3872 Sophia’s Easter basket from the Easter BunnyIMG_3940
Easter Egg Hunt with Great Grandma
First you hide your eggs then…
you pick them up and put them in the basket
Time to go… Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs with Presley

We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  Saturday Sophia and I headed over to Roxie’s mom’s house to let the girls play and have an Easter Egg Hunt, or has much as you can hunt eggs with a 15 month old and a 10 month old.


best of friends in their ruffle butts!


mmmmm Easter Eggs!


look mom I can go up the slide… she really is a Monkey!


and down the slide!


watcha wearin Sophia? 


lovin it!


Presley’s turn


really being a Monkey!