Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 Month Stats

Today we went to the doctor for Sophia's wellness check.

Waiting to see Dr. Poole... playing with her shoes, socks, and toys!

She did not have to get any immunization shots this check up however she had to get her first flu shot. She was so good, she didn't even cry... even the nurse was shocked.

Sophia at 9 months you:
weight: 17lbs 14.5 oz - 25th percentile
height: 29 inches - 90-95th percentile
head: 75th percentile

Your a string bean!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sophia and Her New Walker

We went to the store today to buy Sophia's new car seats and brought this fun toy home as well. Enjoy the cuteness.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9 months

Again.... OMG she is 9 months old... 3 more months and I am a mommy of a ONE YEAR OLD! I can't believe my sweet princess is 9 months old... I could go all day long about this!

Sophia at 9 months you:
  • get into anything you want
  • crawl at super speed
  • stand unsupported for almost a minute
  • move from place to place without holding on
  • are so close to walking

  • you light brown hair is getting thinner and falling out... I am thinking it will come back in even lighter since Mommy and Daddy were both very light headed babies
  • your eyes are green, yet sometimes blue... just like Mommy's
  • wear a size 3 diaper
  • wear 9 month PJs, but you have almost out grown them
  • wear some 3-6 months clothes but mostly 6-9 months
  • got your first pair of shoes

  • you have 8 teeth
  • eat almost all finger foods
  • love green beans, carrots, peaches, pears, cantaloupe, prunes, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, noodles, mac-n-cheese, cookies, crackers, cheerios, oatmeal (with fruit)

  • you have the BEST, most DETERMINED personality, super social, very talkative and loud
  • you are getting used to the word NO, but you do what you want anyway
  • you still love Maverick and Gwen

  • you are still a Momma's girl (and I love it)
  • you are still a SUPER sleeper
  • you still suck your thumb
  • your new favorite FRIEND is you Gloworm, or "Buggy"
  • you love cuddling with your "Buggy" and your blankie to go to bed

  • your nicknames are Monkey, Princess, and S
We love you more and more everyday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bella Rae

Last night Zach drove to Longview to meet his brother and parents to welcome our neice into the world. It was a long night. Mom and baby are both happy and healthy. Bella Rae came into the world on Tuesday September 15, 2009 at 1:45 am, 8 lbs 3 oz and 20 in long.

Bella Rae!!

Happy Daddy!

Mommy (Carol) and Daddy!

Soooo Happy!

Grandma Charlie and Grandpa Richard

Proud Uncle Zach and Daddy with Bella

Bella Rae... we already LOVE you so much!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Friday night we headed out to the lake for the weekend. We headed out at Sophia's bedtime so that she would sleep the hour and half drive... and YAY she did! We got there a little bit late, but my brother and his friend Audray were there as well. We just hung out and relaxed some Friday night!
Saturday we got up and went about our routine. Headed into town to go to Walmart for groceries, and of course we stopped by the outlets and got Zach some work clothes for a great buy! Saturday was another relaxing day. We had some neighbors over for dinner and after S went to bed Zach and I stayed with my brother and his friend Audray. She seems super nice.

In my camo for Uncle Matthew

Playing in the bowl with my Uncle Matthew... we have matching camo!

Uncle Matthew's camo rain boots!

Matthew and Audray

Grandpa's BIG fish

Lookin for another

Late Saturday night we had an unexpected visitor.... Grandpa was having trouble sleeping so he was up on the deck trying to relax when he noticed a fisher on the dock. He curiously watched for a few minutes then headed down barefoot in his robe. He asked the man, what are you doing on my dock... the man gave him a few run around answers, when Larry noticed that he had about 10 poles that belonged to him on this man's boat. When he confronted him, the man jumped on his boat and took off. The cops were called out late that night and Larry and Matthew went searching for the boat... they ended up finding a trailer that might have gone with the boat, but most likely we will not get them back. The sad thing is that they were rods and reels that were worth several hundred dollars each. I just hope that the insurance will cover the stolen fishing equipment.

After all the craziness Saturday night, Sunday Grandma, Sophia, Pam (neighbor at the lake) and I packed up and headed to Canton. We found lots of great buys. Sophia got a the cutest outfit with tights and a GREAT hairbow... however I didn't get a picture of the outfit, it is in her room, and she is fast asleep. Canton was a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back hopefully before Xmas!
Sunday night the neighborhood at the lake got together for a BBQ! My brother cooked ribs and I made some yummy mac n cheese. We also had beer can chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, and corn bread. It was incredible.

Grandma, Me, and Pam with our finds at Canton.... my mom got a bracelet, I got a necklace and so did Pam!

Maverick and Elvis

Elvis, Pam's new puppy! Isn't he ADORABLE!! Sophia loved him! He was just her size.

Ribs my bro made!

S and Uncle Matthew

Sophia in her new shoes!

Aren't they SOOO PRECIOUS!!

S and Mommy

S and Daddy
She was a little mad, but she still LOVES her daddy!

Loving Uncle Matthew... he was letting her chew on ice... she loved it!

Play time at the BBQ...

she loves her musical instruments!

Monday S got up early with Grandma and Grandpa (like she did all weekend... thank you both) and Zach and I slept in a little while longer. We ate super yummy pancakes and sausage for breakfast and just chilled until late in the afternoon... then headed back home to prepare to go back to school today!

Doing the dishes!

Such a big helper!


I also wanted to mention three things!
1. that we have tooth #9!! On the bottom right side! SO SUPER BIG!!!
2. Sophia had her first ALL finger foods dinner last night! Peaches, green beans, carrots and noodles! She loved it. I do think that we will just be finishing her baby food that I have made for her and then we will be ALL done with baby foods!!!
3. Dropping her off at Mammaw's went so well this morning. I took her out of her carseat, she went flying over towards Mammaw and then reached and fussed to go in her octagon to play with her toys and I jetted right out of there! So hopefully we have passed separation anxiety!! (or at least with going to Mammaw's)

I hope that you all had a great weekend like us... here's to a short weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG She Has a Mouthful

So they are here... more teeth! This time last week tooth #7 came through and today tooth #8 came through!! OMG she has so many teeth and she is almost to the point that she no longer wants to eat baby food. So I am pretty sure the end is in sight... I'm almost done making baby food, not that I didn't enjoy it, but it did take a lot of time, and I do know that I will do it for baby #2 (not anytime soon, I am enjoying S right now)

Earlier this week we decided to have some play time in Sophia's room. She has recently gotten into her blankets. So I decided to pull them all out and see if she finds on that she really likes, however she is in LOVE with the wooden toy monkey... she LOVES going into her room pulling the monkey off her bookshelf and then pulling it around every where with her. She did not have much interest in the blankets.... maybe later! I have HIGH hopes for this yet!

blankets with her monkey

checking it out!

straight into her mouth!

uh oh... Mommy took it, still no interest in blankies... she wants her monkey back!

Thank you!

Tuesday evening Grandma came over for dinner and to play with Sophia. She even wore her new monkey PJs... funny story later about those PJs!*
Here are a few pics playing with Daddy and Grandma!

If you can see the cat in the corner.. you know what S was going after!


S and Grandma playing with the super expensive box!! Yes the box another new favorite toy!

LOVE the box!


*So Wednesday morning when I went in to wake S up to get ready for the day, there she was sitting there, not making a noise, no pants on (still had her diaper on), she some how unsnapped the bottoms and was playing with the feet of the sleeper. I swear when I walked in she looked up at me, each hand holding a leg, and made the expression and talked (but not really talking of course), "What are these?" She was so confused and intrigued by her PJs! It was the cutest!!!!!