Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Birthday Dinner

Last night we went out for my brother's, mine and my mom's birthday. We are all in February, the 8th, 12th, and 24th. We went to Fogo de Chao. It was the first time I have been there, and I must say that I would definitely go back. They just keep bringing meat around to you, so you have to be a meat lover. If you have never been there, you have a little card and on one side it is red, and the other is green. If you want meat, leave it on green, and if you need a break turn it over to red. It was so incredibly yummy. We didn't get to get a family photo but here are pictures of everyone with Sophia!

I would suggest going if you have never been. Plus they had great dessert.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

While I was....

taking a shower and then making the bed, I came out to the living room to find this!!!
My husband playing video games... can you see the little feet sticking out?

Yes, he was playing while holding Sophia, and I must say she was very content.

And yes she has on her Uncle Matthew's favorite camo outfit paired with her big girl jeans, sizee 3-6 months!!!! OMG she is getting big. At least she has on her pink socks, but she did have on a super cute bow earlier for our outing to lunch with Grandma and Uncle Matthew for Grandma's Birthday, and then to Dillards and Kohl's.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Miss Priss

So I have talked some about Baby Bryson. My friends Jeremy and Roxie are due late June. For those you who do not know them, Jeremy is like a brother to me, we grew up across the street from each other, went to school together, and college together. He and his wife got married the same year that Zach and I did and they found out they were pregnant in the end of October. I have been hoping that they would have a little girl to be best friends with Sophia and we found out about a week ago they arehaving a sweet little girl. Her name will be Presley Kay Bryson.
Roxie has named Sophia Princess Sophia or Pretty Pretty Princess. So Roxie and I decided that the girls will be Best Friends, Princess Sophia and Little Miss Priss Presley... we love it. So here is a picture of Presley Kay at 20 weeks. I can't wait to meet her.

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend we headed out to the lake on Friday afternoon for a Sip-N-See for Sophia to play with all the ladies from Brook Harbor (the neighborhood at the lake.) Jeremy and Roxie also came out to join us for the very relaxing weekend. We even arrived at the lake before Grandma and Grandpa, which is unusual. We had dinner at the local favorite, The Catfish Kitchen. Saturday morning we had the Sip-N-See, and later that afternoon we spent the day in our PJs laying in bed watching TV, talking about Baby Presley (due in June) and rubbing on Roxie's belly hoping to feel her kick. Saturday night we had a dinner with the neighbors, and I went to bed early, 10 pm!! Sunday morning was very relaxing, and spent in my PJs, and I had a great afternoon nap before heading home. Here are some snap shots from the weekend.

Grandpa (aka O Grand One) proving that he does know how to change a diaper... it only took him 2 months!!
At the Sip-N-See, Luanne (the host), me, Grandma, and Sophia

Roxie (and baby Presley in her belly) and me

I was very blessed to have gotten such wonderful gifts from such wonderful friends at the lake. I think Sophia is set for the next couple of months now.And more

I got this really cute box that will be great to keep Sophia's keepsakes in from her baby days!

Floor time with Daddy... she is really into the mirror. I love that you can see her face in the mirror.

Auntie Roxie and Sophia

So the story with this picture is that I was nursing Sophia and Roxie went to the fridge to get the most delicious Banana Pudding that our neighbor Pam at the lake made. She was nice enough to share with me, however I was unable to feed myself since I was nursing Sophia, so she was feeding me. We thought it was too funny so we grabbed a quick pic.

Uncle Jeremy playing with Sophia, preparing for his little girl due in June.

Auntie Roxie and Uncle Jer Bear getting in some practice.

And of course a little rest time with Grandpa. I also must say that we didn't get very many pictures of Sophia and Grandma, but the weekend would not have been so relaxing if it weren't for my mom, Grandma, who fed, changed, rocked, and played with my sweet little angel so I could catch up on some sleep today. Thank you mom, I love you.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 Month Check Up

Weight: 11 pounds 6 ounces 75th percentile
Height: 24 inches 90th percentile
Head circumference: 39.6 cm 75th percentile

We went to the doctor today for Sophia's 2 month check up. Everything checked out just as it should. She was such a good little girl.
I knew she was going to have to get her set of shots, and I honestly thought that I would not be that mom that cried when she cried, especially since I did not cry when she had her tongue clipped a month ago. However, first they gave her a liquid and she chugged it right down (I think she was hungry at the time), then here they came three shots. The first one was not too bad, she started to cry some, but then second one in the same leg, and the whaling began... she turned bright red and was screaming. Then finally the third one in her opposite leg. OMG was she screaming... then I began crying... I had never heard the cry that was coming out of my sweet baby. As soon as I picked her up she started to quiet down. It was very stressful. Once she was dressed and back in her car seat she was quickly fast asleep. At least we have 2 more months til the next round of shots.

Monday, February 16, 2009

2 months old!

Today Sophia was 2 months old. I can't believe how much time has already gone by, boy does it fly by. She was supposed to have a doctors appointment today, but Dr. Poole's office called and asked me to reschedule due to the them having a bunch of kiddos coming in this afternoon who were thought to have the flu, so of course I said yes, and we are going on Thursday morning. I am very curious to see how much she weighs and how long she is... I am guessing 10 pounds but my mom thinks 12 pounds.
At 2 months Sophia is:
  • rolling from side to side
  • holds her head up really well
  • still dislikes tummy time
  • likes to play on the floor lying on her back
  • enjoys listening to music (we are listening to Frank Sinatra a lot)
  • smiles all the time
  • is cooing and talking a lot more
  • kicks like she is riding a bike
  • is sleeping from 10 pm to 5 am!!!!

Valentine's and Birthday Celebration!

Saturday Zach and I dropped off Sophia at Grandma Charlie's and we had a night of much needed adult time. First we went to see a movie then met Jason and Melissa for dinner. After dinner we met up with the rest of our crew for some drinks. We even got to sleep in the next day until 10 when Grandma Charlie brought her home (we didn't even have to drive to go and pick her up.)
I didn't think that I would miss her being at home since we went out late, but it was weird coming home to such a quiet house. Grandma Charlie told us that she was a sweet angel while she had her.

Sleeping on the way to Grandma Charlie's.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sophia and Daddy
Laura, Melissa, Lindsay, and me
Craig, Zach, and Kevin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm 27 today!!!

Today was my first birthday as a mommy. It was great. Sophia gave me a wonderful gift... she slept for 7 hours last night from 10-5! Then went back down at 5:30 to 8:30! It was WONDERFUL.
Zach woke me up this morning before he left to give me my gift. He, my mom, and Larry got me a digital photo frame to keep all of my pictures of my little angel on.
Then for lunch we went and met my mom at Abuelos and had some delicious queso, fajita salad, and chocolate cake. Afterwards I stopped off at Kroger to pick up some steaks for dinner (and this is the first time that I have eaten steak since I have been pregnant due to the fact that meat disgusted me while I was pregnant.)
When Zach got home after school we hung out in bed with Sophia and set up my digital frame and watched some shows on TiVo since our cable has been out since Tuesday night's storm... and DTV was going to charge us to come out and fix it, so we decided to end our expensive service with them and sign up with Verizon, saving us $50 a month.
After Sophia ate, we cooked up a delicious dinner and topped it off with a YUMMY bottle of champagne. And Sophia happily played in her bouncy chair while we cooked... She was such a good girl today. Hopefully she will have another great night!
Overall, it was an AWESOME birthday.
My digital photo frame, it plays slide shows, power points, videos, and plays music, now I just have to figure it all out!
Champagne for dinner!
Steak, sauteed mushrooms, green beans, cheddar bacon potatoes, and cheesy garlic bread!!
Sophia happily playing in her bouncy chair... she does a lot of kicking that keeps the music and waterfall going!! She is starting to like it more and more!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A busy busy weekend

Saturday morning Zach got up to go and play golf with Jeremy, Sophia and I hung out at the house, relaxed, baked a cake (a Yummy Butterfinger cake), and got ready for Great Grandma Nancy to come see Sophia... then dinner at Jeremy and Roxie's.
Snoozing before GGma Nancy came over.
GGma Nancy and Sophia

My B-day cake that Roxie got me!

Sophia changed into her PJ's and played on the magic changing pad. For some reason when she is on the changing pad or on her changing table at home, she is a very happy girl.

Napping while Jeremy and Zach watch TV and Roxie and I sit and plan for her nursery.

Jeremy and Roxie's dog, Cash, he was such a good little boy around Sophia... they both were snoozing!

Sunday morning heading out to church and then lunch for GGma Nancy's birthday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goin' for a Jog

So I decided that it was time to lose the rest of my baby weight that was left... or at least start trying a lot harder. Eating better and yes that means I need to start some sort of exercise. So we went out and bought a jogging stroller(one that is much more equipped than her regular stroller.) And my husband being super supportive has agreed to go with me. We are starting with a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday routine. So far so good. Sophia seems to enjoy the stroller, once she gets in and we get moving, she just falls right asleep. Here is a pic of the new stroller and Sophia all bundled up inside it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Because....

She is so cute... on our way to meet friends for lunch.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl

It is crazy that a year ago Zach and I hosted a Super Bowl party here at our house complete with friends, food, and adult beverages... loud yelling, music in the background, and people getting wild.
Well this year, we did not host a Super Bowl party, but we attended one at a friends house... it was complete with adults, friends, food, adult beverages, a 2 year old, a almost 2 month old, and one preggo friend. Not to mention crayons, coloring books, games of playing chase, rocking baby to sleep, and leaving during the game to feed the baby. I did get to see half time... I especially enjoyed Bruce's knee slide into the camera. We did not get nearly as crazy and wild as last year... not to mention I did not have any adult beverages. It is crazy how life changes. I loved every minute of it and I can not wait for more little ones to be added to our group. Here are a couple of pics from the party.
Emily, Laura and Melissa coloring on the floor.
Jeremy and Sophia... Jeremy was confused the Cowboys did not make it to the Super Bowl!
Me and Roxie, she is expecting Baby Bryson June 27th and finds out on Feb 13th if she is having a girl or a boy... I can't wait!!
Dustin and Sophia
Uncle Matt (Zach's brother) and Sophia