Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween

****** Beware super long post... well mostly a lot of pictures ******
Sorry again that it has been so long, but all of the family, except Larry and Sophia, were hit with a stomach virus late in the weekend and early into the week... thank you Jeremy!! J/K but it did start with him at the lake this past weekend.
Sophia and I went out to the lake Thursday night with my mom and Larry and got up and headed out to Canton on Friday.... we had a blast. Jeremy, Roxie and Presley came out Friday night and stayed through the weekend. My parents have a great Halloween party and this year we joined them. Lots of pictures... ENJOY!

Presley smiling for Grandma Crazy (we decided that is what she will call my mom hehehe)

P loved sitting under the decorations and watching them!

Sophia playing... so cute!

The girls with hair... Jeremy brought a wig to wear!

Sophia didn't like it too much.

Ready to play ball!

Play time with Presley!

So interested... Ready for her friend to play!

Presley chose her hand!!

P telling her Daddy to get to feeling better!

Daddy feel better!

Roxie and Presley (she was a chicken since that is her nickname)

Sophia (my little monkey princess) and Grandma

Grandma, I wanna go for ride!

Grandma and the girls

Sophia's new favorite thing at the lake, going for rides in the golf cart with Grandma!

Zach, who didn't dress up, me and Sophia!

Our attempt at getting the girls picture together... not very good

Homer, Larry, Marge, my mom, and Sophia

Homer trying to drive.... he needed a jump start :)

S and I going for a ride before the party!

Decorated and ready to PARTY!

S with Grandma (Marge) getting ready for bed!

Matthew and Audray

Matthew, Larry and me

Matthew with the first wig!

And the second... which I like better

Hope you all enjoyed!

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