Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010… Part 1

We started off with a big OH NO…. I ended up with two ear infections and a super bad sore throat on Saturday morning, the day that my Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle all got here from PA.  So Zach being my wonderful husband packed up Sophia, with my help, and headed to my cousins house to meet everyone for an afternoon lunch and I got to stay home laid up in bed with horrible head pain from my ear infections.  My family took Sophia with them to the lake that afternoon and we headed out Sunday night. 
We got to play for a couple of days, even though an ugly stomach virus spread through a couple of family members, me not included, thankfully, we had a lot of fun.
Here are some pics of everyone.
Daddy and Sophia!
Sophia, Abigail, and Zach
Luke and Jordan, can you believe they are both the same age!
Grandma and Sophia
4 Generations… Bobbies, Grandma, Mommy, and Sophia
First lolly-pop with Daddy
Thank you Daddy!
Jordan, Abbey, Luke, and Chris
The DeHaven’s – minus mom
Luke, Abbey, and Chris
Bobbies with his grandchildren and great grandchildren

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