Friday, April 16, 2010

16 months


too busy for a picture this month!

Sophia at 16 months you:

  • wear a size 3 diaper, 6 month onesies still, some 6-12 month dresses, but mostly 12-18 month clothes and size 4/5 shoes.
  • still weigh only about 22 lbs and are almost 31 1/2 inches tall
  • sleep from 7:30 pm to 6 am and take 2 two hour naps with Mammaw, but with Mommy and Daddy only one nap!
  • you talk none stop and you have so many new words: Momma, Dada, Doggie, Dog, This, Thank you, Trent, Jordan, juice, yes, please, Buggie (Buh-Buh) Grandma and Grandpa (which actually sound like anma and anpa) Mammaw, ba-ba, hi
  • can point to who momma, dada, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Matthew, Audray, Honey, Pops, Mammaw, Jordan, and Presley
  • can point to nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, and belly button
  • discovered that your finger can go in your nose
  • now love playing with your baby doll and stroller, jewelry (especially bracelets and necklaces) and your all time favorite BABY WIPES
  • play lots of games, love books, and attempting to play dress up by putting on your clothes, or at least trying to do so
  • prefer to have no clothes on, but love putting on your socks and shoes all by yourself
  • still take 2-3 bottles a day, but are getting better at drinking your milk from a sippee cup
  • learned to drink from a straw when it is something that is really motivating for you, like orange soda!
  • have become quite the little clown lately and are making silly faces and sticking out your tongue and then you laugh at yourself, it is too cute
  • are still a momma’s girl, but are starting to want to go to daddy more and more

You are very much my most precious gift everyday.  You make everything better when we are together and when I think of your adorable smile with your two dimples on either side of your mouth. You are my teacher and I learn from you everyday.  I know everyday how blessed we are just by looking at you. I love you more than the sun is bright.  BUNCHES XOXOXO

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Joanie D. said...

Jesse, sophia is a princess!! what an incredible blessing!