Sunday, May 16, 2010

17 months


Playing in Mommy’s shoes!!





Sophia at 17 months you:

  • wear size 3 diapers, 6, 9, and 12 month onesies (crazy I know), but mostly 12-18 month clothes and size 5 shoes
  • love fruit especially pears, oranges and bananas
  • eat with a fork and spoon
  • still take about 2 bottles a day, since you refuse to drink milk from a cup
  • run everywhere
  • love to play dolls
  • try to take your clothes off so you can play dress up with your clothes
  • love being outside and go to the park
  • love when Grandma and Honey come to see you or you go to see them, you love Grandpa and Pops too, but you really really LOVE Grandma and Honey
  • love playing and being around other babies and kids
  • love shoes and purses
  • color with crayons (I predict you are going to be left handed)
  • understand 2 step directions, you are super smart
  • have so many words
  • love playing with Daddy and telling Mommy and Daddy to come and sit with you
  • talk to everyone that will talk to you and yes that includes strangers passing by
  • are interested in books, but you don’t want us to read to you because you want to read them yourself, or at least turn the pages on your own
  • love sitting in chairs and have started to refuse sitting in your highchair
  • have started tell Mommy and Daddy when you have gone pee or poo in your diaper and are very interested in the toilet and sitting on it, I am thinking potty training is not too far off

Words you Know:

Momma, Dada, Doggie, Dog, This, Thank you, Trent, Jordan, juice, yes, please, Buggie (Buh-Buh) Grandma and Grandpa (which actually sound like anma and anpa) Mammaw, ba-ba, hi, bye, ball, hot, stinky, peepee, please, baby, bubbles, up, down, eyes

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Yomaida said...

You'll have these little notes forever. SHE is darling Jesse. I say that a lot...I know. BUT, she is! :)