Monday, April 2, 2012

5 months!

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Jack at 5 months you:

~wear a size 2 diaper, 6-12 month clothes, and 9 month sleepers
~sleep from 7-5:30 then nurse and go back to sleep until we wake you for school or about 7:30 on the weekends
~have a 6 oz bottle every 3-4 hours, eat fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, two veggies for lunch (3-4 oz) and two veggies and a fruit for dinner (4-5) oz
~eat green beans, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, apples, and pears
~get mad at meal time, but once we put you in your high chair you start waving and flapping your arms, and wait impatiently with your mouth open, you are such a GREAT eater already 
~roll over from belly to back and back to belly
~still love your wubanub pacis
~love to jump in the jumper… we call you Jackaroo since you are jumping and bouncing all the time like a kangaroo
~have the sweetest smile and laugh
~you coo and talk all the time
~love to chew on your fingers and anything you can get in your mouth
~are very close to sitting all by yourself
~love, love, love bath time
~love when your sister plays, reads and talks to you
~know Mommy, Daddy and sisters voices and you look for us when we walk in the room

You are such a wonderful little boy, laid back and so full of happiness, you are joy to our family.  I love watching you do something new everyday.  My favorite part of the day is waking up to nurse you and at bed time, snuggle and rock you to bed with your bottle.  We love you bunches. xoxo

PS.  Your first tooth (on the bottom) finally came through on 4-4-12 and the second came through 4-13-12.

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