Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jack’s Baptism

Today was Jack’s baptism.  We had it at the same church we had Sophia’s, Christ United Methodist Church in Plano.  All of our family came; Grandma, Grandpa, Honey, Pops, Great Grandma Nancy, Great Aunt Reine, Great Uncle Paul, Uncle Matt, Patty (Pooh Bear) Aunt Roxie, Uncle Jeremy and Presley Pie, Aunt Robin, Uncle Chris, Luke and Abbey, and Uncle Craig.   Of course my brother, Uncle Bubba and Aunt Audray, Jack’s God Parents made the trip up to Dallas as well.  It was a beautiful service.  Afterwards everyone joined us for lunch and cake.  It was a great day.  We all love you sweet, little boy.


sweet little boy


all the family


the baptism


Reverend Alexandra Robinson


sweet baby boy in his baptism outfit… it is the same outfit his Uncle Bubba wore and my dad!  Plus a quick little photo with his hanky hat on!


sweet angel baby


Happy Jack

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