Tuesday, November 4, 2008

33 weeks 5 days

Today we went to see Dr. Herzog. We had to take a half a day since the appointment was in the early part of the afternoon. Zach and I met for lunch and then came home and relaxed until it was time to go see the doc. Both my mom and Zach's mom came with us. I think they were very excited, seeing as they were both there early and before Zach and I. We went in for the sonogram and both my mom and Zach's mom had huge smiles on their faces when they got to unofficially meet Sophia. She was very, very active during the sonogram. She is still head down and laying on her side. We got to see a view of her face and we saw her precious little nose and mouth. She was making cute little sucking movements with her mouth and again both hands were up around her face. The nurse reassured Zach she was still a girl when she showed us Sophia's lady parts, so yes we are still having a girl. The nurse told us that she is making breathing motions as well, not actually breathing obviously but making the motions which was very good. My amniotic fluid levels were good. Her heartbeat was 136 and she is estimated to weigh about 5.4 pounds. She is huge!!! Overall we have a healthy little girl that we will meet very, very soon. Dr. Herzog decided that if Sophia does not decide to come and meet her mommy and daddy by December 15th that he will induce me on that day!! I can't wait.
After the appointment, Zach, my mom, his mom, and I went to look at the babies in the nursery in the hospital so that they would know where to come to meet their granddaughter. Overall a great day. I go back to the doctor in 9 days, then once a week after that.


Paige and Jon Erickson said...

How exciting!!!! I love the sonogram pics...she is precious already! We can't wait to meet her :)

The Saras Family said...

She's precious!