Wednesday, November 12, 2008

35 weeks... 32 more days

Today I went to see Dr. Herzog and I have 32 more days til December 15th when he will induce me, that is if Sophia doesn't decide to come early. Everything checked out at with me, good blood pressure and I did not gain an ounce since last Tuesday, which was very exciting. Sophia's heartbeat was good and all my measurements are right where they need to be. I had my first cervical check today and I am not dialated but I am softening which is exactly what is supposed to be happening right now. So over all, it was another great check up. On another note... I am feeling much larger than I did last week. It is getting harder and harder to bend over, pick things up, lay down, get up... um pretty much harder to do everything. And I am definitely not sleeping through the night anymore... bathroom wake up calls about every 45 minutes to hour and half. I suppose I am just getting ready for all my late night feedings!!
I also stopped comparing her to my online sight since she is already estimated to be larger than what the online sight tells me. So I can say I am ready and we are just waiting now to meet our little angel. Our next appointment is Wednesday the 19th.

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Paige and Jon Erickson said...

Yea! I am glad you had a great appointment. It's so exciting that she will be here soon!!!