Friday, June 26, 2009

Meeting Presley

Today we made a trip up to the hospital to introduce Sophia to Presley... and to get to hold the tiny little miss. Here is Sophia on her way into the hospital to meet her new BFF!!

New Mommy and Presley

Zach and Presley! He said she was the perfect little football!

All bundled up!

Presley was awake the whole time we were there... isn't she precious!

The introduction!! Sophia just wanted to eat her up!!

So very curious and intrigued!!

She is ready to play with her new little BFF!!

New Proud Papa!

Chillin' in bed with Aunt Roxie


In other news... Sophia has her third tooth! It broke through Thursday morning. Now we have 3 bottom teeth. We are now working on getting the 4th bottom tooth to cut through the gums.

Also S is now eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. She loves her food!! She is a great little eater.


I am also taking a little break from Show Us Where You Live Fridays until at least after the 4th if not maybe longer. Til next time... have a great weekend!!

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Yomaida said...

Jesse, Sophia is too cute. I love that little smile! How fun it will be when her BFF grows just a bit!:)