Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG She Has a Mouthful

So they are here... more teeth! This time last week tooth #7 came through and today tooth #8 came through!! OMG she has so many teeth and she is almost to the point that she no longer wants to eat baby food. So I am pretty sure the end is in sight... I'm almost done making baby food, not that I didn't enjoy it, but it did take a lot of time, and I do know that I will do it for baby #2 (not anytime soon, I am enjoying S right now)

Earlier this week we decided to have some play time in Sophia's room. She has recently gotten into her blankets. So I decided to pull them all out and see if she finds on that she really likes, however she is in LOVE with the wooden toy monkey... she LOVES going into her room pulling the monkey off her bookshelf and then pulling it around every where with her. She did not have much interest in the blankets.... maybe later! I have HIGH hopes for this yet!

blankets with her monkey

checking it out!

straight into her mouth!

uh oh... Mommy took it, still no interest in blankies... she wants her monkey back!

Thank you!

Tuesday evening Grandma came over for dinner and to play with Sophia. She even wore her new monkey PJs... funny story later about those PJs!*
Here are a few pics playing with Daddy and Grandma!

If you can see the cat in the corner.. you know what S was going after!


S and Grandma playing with the super expensive box!! Yes the box another new favorite toy!

LOVE the box!


*So Wednesday morning when I went in to wake S up to get ready for the day, there she was sitting there, not making a noise, no pants on (still had her diaper on), she some how unsnapped the bottoms and was playing with the feet of the sleeper. I swear when I walked in she looked up at me, each hand holding a leg, and made the expression and talked (but not really talking of course), "What are these?" She was so confused and intrigued by her PJs! It was the cutest!!!!!

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