Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cold Cold Cold


So last week was a long week… and the reason why it has been so long since my last post.  Sophia got her first cold, yes her first… knock on wood.  She is almost 14 months old and we had our first cold.  Runny nose and a wet, nasty cough.  I took her to see the Dr. Poole on Wednesday afternoon, and guess what she says… no infection, no fluid in her lungs, no ear infection, no bacterial infection at all.  She said just to let it run its course…. hhmmm what to do.IMG_3101

Playing in the baby stroller… not meant for her!

Well we let it run its course.  She for the most part was a happy girl, although extremely clingy to Mommy.  I hate that she was/is sick, but I do love that she comes and lays down on my chest, since this rarely happens now that she is such an active toddler, oh my!

So, that is the first cold.  The second cold… that would be mine.  My 5th or 6th sinus infection since November, not to mention my 3 weeks of bronchitis.   I went to the doctor Friday afternoon and got more antibiotics and allergy medication.  Here’s hoping that this will kick start my immune system to get back to normal or I will be off to see an Immunologist.  YUCK.

And, finally another cold front came through on Thursday night, just in time for illnesses and baby showers… more on that later!

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