Monday, February 1, 2010

A Shower for Baby Mains

Saturday was a super long day.  Sophia was still very clinging and not feeling back to herself yet and neither was I, thankfully I have a wonderful husband who woke up Saturday morning at 6:30 with the little monkey and let me sleep in to help fight off my sinus infection.

After I woke up, played with S, we put her down for nap, I showered and got ready for the day.  Sophia woke up and we headed to meet Grandma, Aunt Roxie, Presley and Pooh Bear (Patty) for lunch at Cheesecake Factory and went to the outlets in Allen for a quick baby shopping trip. 

Afterwards, we headed home a bit sooner than everyone else since S was so fussy.  She took a nap and I wrestled with trying to figure out what was best for S, to stay for the shower or call my mother-in-law, or Charlie to watch her.   I went with the latter of the two, which was in the end best for everyone.

After S left, I raced around to get ready to host the couples baby shower for Jason and Melissa who are expecting Patrick Haydon Mains in April.  The first BOY!!

We had a fabulous time!  Here are some pictures from the evening.  ENJOY!

IMG_3153 Sweet little onesies for decorations

IMG_3156 The cake which had a picture of the invitation on it as well

IMG_3158 mmmmm…. chicken wings, potato skins, southwestern egg rolls, mozzarella sticks, and white trash dip… momma do be craves meats!

IMG_3159the sweet parents to be

IMG_3165Jason is a Giants fan!!  Too funny! ha!

IMG_3154  gift basket that I put together


IMG_3199 Proud Grandmas and parents to be

IMG_3155 and finally… the party favors… instant hand sanitizer… a necessity for everyone

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