Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids Club

So I have been working out at 24 Hour for about a week and a half now working up the nerve and losing my anxiety of dropping Sophia off at her first encounter with “daycare” and took her this morning.  Thankfully my mom is also working out there and I had her moral support for leaving Sophia.  I know it is a good thing for her to be around other kids since she isn’t at her sitters, so it was more about my anxiety than anything.

So we go in, I fill out the paper work and my mom starts to play with Sophia, mean while an older buff man who works there started talking to S, she was not sure at all about that.  Up Up Up she says to Grandma, so they find some little girls and Sophia immediately wants to start playing and we sneak off to work out.

We peaked in half way and she was climbing all over the place and having a grand ole time.  We finish our work out, head back in, we look up and she is screaming, angry at this little boy (not sure if she was taking his toy or if he took it from her) but she stole the toy and two older girls were sitting with her and reading to her… she then had a huge smile on her face with little giggles…. it melted my heart, made me so happy and completely took away all my anxiety…well at least until the next time… but definitely a lot less than before! 

So in all a success… Daddy got to sleep in, I got to work out and Sophia got to play with some other kids!

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