Friday, July 16, 2010

19 months

Really I just wrote 19 months… I am now a mommy to a toddler, a walking, talking little person who I have conversations with, it is AMAZING!
Sophia at 19 months you:

  • sleep 12 hours a night, take one after noon nap

  • wear size 3 pampers, and size 4 walmart diapers (which are wonderful by the way)

  • wear 12-8 month clothes and love your clothes draw and trying to put on your own clothes

  • love pull ups and training pants, but I have a TON of diapers I need to finish using first

  • love eating snacks and love fruit

  • have a very determined personality

  • talk up a storm and want to know what everything is

  • you love “bossing” Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Honey around

  • love coloring, pens, baby dolls, turtles, your chair, books, clothes, shoes, cooking with your play toys

  • oh and you prefer to have no clothes on and just your diaper!!!
Check out her 19 month left handed pen grip!  Pretty amazing if you ask me, she is such a grown up little girl, it AMAZES me everyday the new things she can do!
I love you as much as the world is round! xoxoxo

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