Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mitchell Baby #2


Yes, that’s right!!!!  You read that correctly.  Sophia is going to be a big sister November 9, 2011. 

Now that the important information is out.  I just want to write about some important memories of this pregnancy so far.

Back at the end of February, I was starting to feel very sluggish, SUPER tired, VERY nauseous, and my clothes were getting VERY snug.  We had been trying for such a long time to conceive this time around that I thought for sure I was just getting sick and I need to start dieting AGAIN!  A couple of days before I missed my period, February 28th, I went ahead an took a pregnancy test, POSITIVE… still unsure, I took another one the following morning… POSITIVE again, and Zach wanting to be super sure, I took another one that night… POSITIVE.  I called my doctor the following day March 2nd and went in for blood work and a urine test… POSITIVE… YAY, YIPPEE we were thrilled.   My progesterone levels were a bit low, so they put me on a supplement to make sure that they stayed in the correct ranges for the first trimester.


We waited a couple of days to tell our parents.  My parents were out of town and I wanted to tell them in person.  So in the mean time… we told Sophia… she seemed to understand that there was a baby and she wanted to see its feet… so CUTE!  We also went out and got her a big sister shirt to wear when we told our parents.  She seemed to understand that she will be a big sister too.  Of course our parents and family are thrilled to be getting another grandbaby and niece or nephew.












We went to see Dr. Herzog over Spring Break.  I was 6 weeks and we got to see the first glimpse of our little bean sprout and hear the heart beat for the first time.  Everything was great.   Our little bean sprout had a good strong heartbeat, 111 bpm.


yep, that is the little sprout

At this point I was already wearing my maternity bottoms, but not having to wear any maternity tops yet.  Around 6 weeks I started to feel very nauseous and had a hard time getting through the afternoons and evenings.  Thankful I have a wonderful husband who took sweet Sophia to the park almost every afternoon so that I could take a power nap after school and he even took care of dinner almost every night.  It was also very helpful that Sophia was very understanding that “the baby” was making Mommy tired and she would come and sit with me and “rest” too.

Some of the great things from Sophia about her new baby… she definitely wants a little sister and NOT a little brother.  She gets angry and corrects me, Daddy and Grandma when we talk about the baby as if he is a boy.  She says, “No, it’s a girl.” 

We are hoping for a little boy this time around.  I have a feeling that it will be a boy, simply because this pregnancy is SOOO different than when I was pregnant with Sophia.  But of course we just want a happy, healthy baby that was a wonderful as Sophia.  AND… the Chinese calendar says we are having a boy… so we will be finding out, hopefully very soon.

I went back to see Dr. Herzog at 11 weeks.  Everything was perfect.  I was able to stop taking my progesterone supplement and we heard our little bean sprout’s heartbeat again, 169 bpm.  Nice and loud and strong!!

Our next appointment is May 25th… I am hoping for a sonogram, but I am not scheduled for one… keep your fingers crossed we just might get to find out what our little bean sprout is!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Boy or girl, the baby will be adorable just like Sophia! Is the heartbeat slower than Sophia's was? Slower usually signifies a boy.
Awesome, Congrats, & Enjoy! Jamie James

Joanie D. said...

Congrats jesse! That's awesome news!