Thursday, February 2, 2012

3 Months Old


Jack at 3 months you:

-wear a size 1 diaper, but will very, very soon be in a 2

-wear size 3-6 month clothes and sometimes 6 month clothes

-weigh approximately 16 lbs

-eat every 4 hours during the day at 5:30, 9, 1, 5, 7:45 and then off to bed you go!  You only nurse first thing in the morning, which I am treasuring, and drink 6 oz bottles the rest of the day.   Your last bottle still has rice in it.

-you are a great sleeper, you love being swaddled at night

-still love your pacifier, but have recently started sucking and chewing on your hands

-smile ALL the time, talk and coo, and you just started laughing

-love sitting up and seeing everything that is going on around you

-started daycare on 1-25-12 and you (and me) are adjusting well, the ladies at school just love and adore you, which makes Mommy and Daddy very happy!

-hold your head up on your own, and just started sitting in your bumbo chair

-you love your big sister, especially when she sings and reads to you

You are just the sweetest, most laid back little baby!  You are my little snuggle bug and chunky monkey.   I love you to the moon and back! xoxoxo

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