Monday, July 2, 2012

8 months old

Jack at 8 months you:

-wear a size 3 diaper

-wear 12-18 month clothes

-sleep from 7-7 and take 2 hour and half naps

-sleep with at least 7-10 wubbanub pacifiers and you snuggle and hold onto them all... It's super cute

-love to eat.... Everything, especially foods that you can feed yourself.... You get really angry when you can't feed yourself

-had a lot of first foods... You are pretty much eating all table foods now... Even though you only have two teeth

-love to eat gerber puffs, yogurt bites, cheerios, pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, bananas, cheese, ham, green beans, French fries, chicken, carrots, and peas. (and almost anything else I give you)

-crawl on all fours everywhere

-pull up on everything, and think you should stand and walk

-have the most adorable little smile with your two bottom teeth... I sure hope you get more soon

-are a momma's boy, but you don't know a stranger right now... You love smiling at everyone

-love to be in the water... Especially when you can sit and crawl around

-have a bit of a temper when there is something you want but can't quite have (I think you get that from Uncle Bubba)

-dispite your temper, you are also very sweet and cuddly with an infectious giggle that makes everyone smile

-have discovered how loud you can be when you babble and you just LOVE to hear yourself

-adore your sister... Especially when she shares food with you... And when she gets in your crib and pack n play with you

-have the nickname, Jackaroo, Happy Jack or Jack Jack

-Mommy and Daddy love you more than the world is round!! Bunches xoxo


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