Friday, January 16, 2009

I month old

I can't believe that my sweet little angel is already one month old. It has been a very long, month of ups and downs, but I have loved every minute of it all.

We had a very busy day... Sophia's Great Grandfather, Great Aunts and cousin from Philly came to visit for the weekend. We got up today and all the girls went for mani and pedis, and yes even Sophia went along too. Then we spent the day at my mom's celebrating one whole month of our sweet little angel Sophia being in our lives. Then later that night, Zach and I went home alone to get a good nights rest. It is weird not having her with us... so far so good, I know she is in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa, two Great Aunts and my cousin... and Great Grandfather!! (I'll post pictures of everyone after the weekend)

Sophia at 1 month
We have discovered that Sophia has a "cranky" time period during the day... well should I say night... from 8 to 11. We have tried bottle feeding, nursing, rocking, swaddling, pacifier, gas drops, bottle and nursing (4 oz bottle, and then nursing... o my) laying on her tummy, hold her on my shoulder, laying on her back and working her legs.... Nothing really seems to work.... she just kinda screams then naps, then screams... suggestions on what to do are welcome.

On a happier note, I think that she is loosing a lot of her hair but still has a lot of it. Her eyes are no longer brown... but a darker blue... so I think they will be blue. She is growing out of her newborn clothes and into her 0-3 month clothes!!! Last week at the ENT appointment she was 9 pounds 2 ounces (with clothes on.)

She already does so many things:
  • swings her head a round like crazy and holds it up pretty well
  • rolls from side to side when laying on the floor
  • makes eye contact with mommy and daddy
  • recognizes mommy and daddy's voices
  • she is starting to mimic faces, especially smiling back
  • she enjoys bath time and her bouncer and of course being held and rocked to sleep.
  • she has a beautiful smile with dimples!!


Brooke & Jathan said...

Peyton used to get a little cranky at night too. When she would get cranky, I would have Jathan hold her and go get the hand vac and just turn it on everytime she would start crying/screaming. She would stop crying after a while. You can even try running a hair dryer. Look up solutions for colic babies on the web and you should find something that helps. Our problem turned out to be reflux and she was having a lot of silent refluxing (the spit-up was not coming all the way up, but just burning her throat). Once we got that taken care of, it all improved. Within the next month, it will calm down. It's frustrating, but you will get through it. Sophia is so precious!

Yomaida said...

Wow she is a pretty baby. Brayden never had a fussy time. BUT, nealy sure did. I would lay her on her tummy on my tummy and chest (with skin to skin contact). I would put a blanket on us both and start by walking around (I guess to soother a bit), then when she fell asleep, I would keep her on me but, then just carefully lay back and rest or even sleep. Her fussy time didn't last long maybe a couple of weeks or so....Good luck girl. It sounds crazy but, I miss those crazy nights! Brayden didn't sleep through the night until he was about 8months old. Talk about being exhausted....enjoy it. It goes by too fast!!!!