Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hook'em Horns

Yesterday was the big game. Texas vs. OU. It was a great game. TEXAS WON!! WOOHOO!!

Trying to figure out what Daddy is doing with his fingers!

Checking the score...

Mommy and S

Uncle Jason and S

She was so nice to spend some time with him... she is getting a little better about going to men now... especially if she sees them all the time!

On another note... TECH WON TOO!!!


LeeAnn 'Ellebracht' Clawson said...

Oh yay! Thanks for sending me your blog! Now I can read yours and maybe it will help me with mine. I'm not much of a writer so hopefully this will get easier as I go.

Yomaida said...

Love these orange and white pics. Sophia is precious Jesse! YOU and HER make such pretty picture! :)