Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Well its been awhile I know... too long. This past weekend I got sick with a sinus infection and spent the weekend in bed thanks to a wonderful husband and mother in law who took Sophia on Saturday night. Sunday we went to their house for our annual pumpkin carving! Again I made it through the day since Zach and Grandma Charlie were on baby duty. Monday was a long day, went to work and back to bed... thanks again to my hubby and my parents for watching S! Tuesday I started to feel better, but Sophia was not feeling herself, so we took her to the doctor, but everything checked out, I do think that she is getting her first year molars however! Today was my first day feeling back to my self, but it was spent running around cleaning and doing laundry to get ready for the lake tomorrow... so super excited about the Halloween party this weekend!
I am not writing a whole lot more... the pictures will tell you a great story of Sophia's first annual pumpkin carving!! ENJOY!!


LeeAnn 'Ellebracht' Clawson said...

What a great idea to put the pink bow on the monkey costume! My niece had the same monkey costume and I felt like people couldn't tell that she was a girl.

Jesse and Zach said...

Thanks! I love, love bows! They are must for almost everything!!! How are you doing? Feeling well I hope!