Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 month stats

Yesterday we took Sophia to the Dr. for her 18 month well check.  Everything looked great.  She sits so nicely for the doctor to check her out.  She did get a little mad at the dr because she wanted to play with the stethoscope.  It was quite funny!  No shots this time, Sophia won't get anymore until 2!  We will have to go back for Flu shot in September!

So at 18 months you:
weight: 22.6 lb - just below the 25th percentile
height: 33.25 in -just above the 90th percentile
head: still in the range for 75th to 90th percentile

I was a little concerned about her weight, but Dr. Poole assured me that she is still traveling right along the growth curve and that she is not worried.  We are still trying to find ways to increase her milk intake.  Today was a good milk day, yogurt and cheese and about 6 ounces of milk so far (which is huge in comparison to only 2 ounces).  She is really liking the milk in cups like Mommy and Daddy with a straw, so hopefully that keeps working and she will be drinking more and more.  

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