Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

We started Father’s Day on Thursday with dinner with my parents.  Zach and I found a recipe for Lobster Mac-N-Cheese through the cooking channel.  The recipe is by the Neelys. (We love watching their show)


Cooking with Zach


Peeling Lobster!!


the ingredients


Stirring before baking


While we cooked, so did Sophia… she cooked up a storm with Grandma


mmmm taste my soup!


I love you Grandma!


and she colored with Grandpa too!


the final dish… so super yummy!

Sunday, Sophia and I got up and ate her first breakfast, played, and then headed to Sonic to get Daddy breakfast for breakfast in bed.  She really enjoyed eating in the bed.  Then we got all packed up and headed to Jeremy and Roxie’s to spend the day by the pool and grill hamburgers.  Sophia and Presley had a great time playing together.  Presley is getting so big, she is walking now and trying to start talking too.  Sophia just kept giving her kisses it was super cute. 


talking to Daddy through the window


hi Daddy!


Presley playing outside… we tried to put Sophia in with her but Sophia just screamed and screamed and then Presley started in on it too!!


Super cute… I can’t believe that Friday this sweet little girl will be ONE!!


Roxie and I taking a break in the pool during nap time!


We got home a little late and Sophia had a dinner of champions… Cheerios with milk… one of the few ways that I can get her to have milk since she is no longer taking a bottle… she likes to play in the cereal mostly, but at least she eats and gets some of the vitamins from the milk.


Hope you had a fantastic fathers day honey.  I love bunches.  I love you as much as the sun is bright.  Thank you for making me a Mommy and thank you for being a hands on SUPER DAD!!!

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