Wednesday, June 16, 2010

18 Months

********* super long post *********

Today my sweet little Sophia is 18 months old, one year and six months, 1 1/2!!  OMG I really can’t believe that my little baby is now a walking and talking little person with a sweet and sassy little personality.  She is saying new words everyday, so many that I can no longer make a list of her words.  Among some of her many favorites are her Buggie, Turtle, coloring, sitting at her new table, going for walks, playing at the park, changing her clothes, running around in her diaper and being with Mommy and Daddy. 

Sophia at 18 months you:

  • sleep for 12 hours a night and take one 2 hour nap or two 1 hour naps
  • are no longer drinking bottles, and not really drinking milk, but you will drink it from a milk box (Horizon Organic 2% not whole)
  • wear size 3 diapers still, but will maybe move up soon
  • wear size 12-18 month clothes
  • love fruit, meats, cereal, breads, yogurt, and juice
  • love playing with your baby dolls, buggie, turtles, coloring, pushing your stroller, going for walks, sitting in your chairs, putting clothes on and off, reading books,
  • still have your strong determined personality, when you want something you really want something you are sure to let everyone know
  • love the word no, and especially love saying “no, no no”
  • are picking up new words everyday, you point at something and we tell you what it is, and now you know the word
  • want to do everything by yourself, brushing your hair, your teeth, washing in the bath tub, putting on your clothes, eating, playing, getting mommies shoes, laying in mommy and daddy’s big bed, etc
  • we have started changing your clothes on the floor, as you are too long for your changing table now


I read books


and then I put them away


I put on my shorts


and my shirt


and even put my arms in the holes


and then my socks


and my shoes


and eat with a spoon and some times a fork


and I like to dunk my nuggets


I color with Daddy, of course without clothes, but always with shoes on!


and play with my turtle while I color













and I throw tantrums with the best 2 year olds!


but I still love sitting in my chairs


No matter what you do, you will ALWAYS be our little princess!

XOXOXO We love you as much as the world is round!

We have your 18 month appt next Wed so I will update everyone with those stats soon.

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