Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Girl Bed Update

Quick update on sleeping in a big girl bed…

Wednesday Night 1: screamed for me twice at 9:30 and 11:30.  I only went in at 9:30 to lay with her for about 5 minutes then at 11:30 she cried out for only about 3 minutes and slept until 6 am!  I think overall a great first night!

Thursday Night 2: screamed and cried out for me at 9:45 and I did not go in and she slept til 9:15!  Even better night!

Friday Night 3: Stayed with Honey

Saturday Night 4:  Slept from 8:30 to 7:45 WOW such a big girl.

Sunday Night 5: Put her down for bed at 7:30, got out once, but thankfully there was a lock on the bed, so I guess she got back in bed because at 8:45 she was asleep.

Monday Night 6: Not so good.  We tried letting Daddy put her to bed, she was not very happy about that.  We put her to bed around 8:00 and she fell asleep around 10:00… YIKES way too late.

Tuesday Night 7: We put her to bed at 7:45.  We heard her play for a really long time, around 8:45 she was trying to get out the door, and when I got close to her door I wish that I would have had my camera because her sweet little fingers were sticking out under the door.  I clapped my hands outside the door and said, “get back to bed.”  Then opened the door and she was scrambling to get into the bed and I laid with her for 5 minutes, then listened to her cry for about 5 minutes and finally she was out cold and I had to wake her up the next morning!  So better than 10:00.

Wednesday Night 8: We put her down at 7:50, she cried out for about 1 minute, talked and played in her bed and was out by 8:45! 

I would say overall SUCCESS!!

Now on to finishing her room… decorating walls and little touches here and there!  More pictures to come of the room!

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