Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days 1-4

So its day 4 of no school this week.  I have gotten a lot accomplished in the past couple of days.  Cleaned out the spare room closet, hall closet, my bathroom closet, then the spare room, and made a really big decision…. ITS TIME FOR SOPHIA TO MOVE UP TO A BIG GIRL BED!!  The whole reasoning behind all of the cleaning. 

About 2 weeks ago we put Sophia down for a nap and then next thing we knew she was standing in the hall way telling me no more nap! Yep that’s right she climbed right out. 

The major decision came this week with all the time off, Sophia and I took a couple of naps together and she told me no more little bed, big girl bed like Mommy.  So after that I knew it was time.  We’ll see how soon that all happens.

We did however find some time to go outside and play in the snow on Friday.  Sophia loves being outside, she does not like touching the snow and would most likely freeze before coming back inside!











Crazy icicles on the house


I just LOVE this picture


Not really a fan of touching the snow


But she does LOVE being outside!

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yomaida said...

Love these photos too Jesse!!! Pretty pretty!