Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day 5

So we had yet another day of ice, not really any snow, more like rain then sleet, then some snow flurries, so another day at home with my hubby and sweet Sophia. 

First Sophia and I made cookies.


Then Daddy and Sophia played lots and lots of Play-doh… one of her new favorite activities… thankfully Zach likes it just as much.


Then with all our extra time we had today, we did the big switch of rooms.  Yep that’s right, time for the big girl bed and room!  We used the spare room furniture which used to me mine as a little girl.  Zach refinished the paint and I am in the process of finding some new handles to go on it to update it some.  No such luck so far since it is “antique.”

Sophia was very excited about her new furniture and bed.  It is a slow process of redecorating, but I am really looking forward to making her room extremely “girly” this time around.


Once we got all the furniture flipped around and the new “room” in place, Sophia was so thrilled, she climbed right up and started to read, and proceeded to stay there reading for about an hour and half.



Hopefully she will do great sleeping in her new big girl bed.


Night Night

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