Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Check Up!!

Well today I had a check up at Dr. Herzog's. I was excited that I got to take a half a day off work today. So I went in early this morning to have my GTT test (Glucose Tolerance Test). I was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight last night, which wasn't a problem until this morning when I got up and was getting ready. I never knew how hungry I got in the mornings since I eat first thing when I get up. I was starving. I packed up some snacks for after the appt. and headed out. After getting my finger pricked and blood drawn, drinking some very sugary tasting sprite drink, and waiting for an hour to get pricked again, found out my test was negative... meaning no gestational diabetes!! It was great news, we were a little worried since I was having some problems processing sugars before I got pregnant. My blood was drawn to check my RH factor since I have O negative blood and I am RH negative as well. I will get a super fabulous shot the next time I am there.

After a little more waiting, I heard Sophia's heartbeat, which ranged from 145-150. All great. He told me I am growing perfectly!! I also talked with Dr. Herzog about a little discomfort Sophia has been giving me lately. I feel like she is climbing up inside me, up underneath my ribs, where she has been hanging out for the past couple of days. He told me this was all normal, and the cure... to lay on my left side... aaahhh yes, if I could only lay down all day long that would be fabulous. So instead I come home from work and spend the evening either on my couch or in the bed. My mom says, "Welcome to motherhood! She is going to fit in great with you and Zach... all she wants you to do is lay down... she will be laid back like you two!"

After that I got to run some errands... pick up some stuff for Maverick. Then I stopped by Dillard's and got some tights for Sophia's Christmas dress and some hair bows to go with her Spiderman outfit that Zach has for her... He is excited about her wearing it, but I had to make sure she looks like a little girl while wearing her Spiderman onesie. Don't worry I got a cute little jean skirt for her to wear with it as well!! I can't wait to put her in it!

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The Saras Family said...

Oh good!!! I failed my glucose drink and had to go in for the 3 hour about BOR-ING! Good thing they had wi-fi.
Aw memories...I just went and read my December post from when my ribs were sore. My hips were super sore too.
Roger and I are moving east of Legacy on Lebanon. There is a golf corse out there called The Tribute and they are building some new developments around it. FAR.AWAY!!!
If you think you could talk Z into the Arboretum call us and we can all go together. It is SO relaxing, you'd love it!
I think Hudson and I are going to Dooley on Friday.
This comment is all over the place. Sorry.