Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Chinese Cabbage

28 weeks. 12 weeks. 84 days. Third Trimester. The count down begins. Well that is if she comes on December 18th, personally I am hoping for a bit earlier, but who knows what will happen. Sophia is a little over 2 pounds and 14.8 inches... almost 15 inches long. She is bigger than Zach's foot :) Her eyes are now opening and blinking, and she can possibly see light, which I find interesting... does she see light through my stomach? Hmmmm makes you think. I hope that she has perfect eye sight and long beautiful eye lashes to go with her brown eyes. That is my guess, brown eyes and brown hair. Zach has brown eyes and brown hair, but maybe she will have my eyes, sometimes brown and sometimes green... mostly depends on what I am wearing, but I definitely think brown hair except Zach and I were both blond babies. As we get closer and closer to meeting her, I think more and more about what she will look like. I know she will be beautiful.

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