Thursday, September 11, 2008

An English Hothouse Cucumber

Today I am 26 weeks. My online website refers to her as an English hothouse cucumber. She is around 14 inches long, which seems almost inpossible to me, but I guess she is kinda scrunched up inside! She also weighs around 1 2/3 pounds... almost two whole pounds. Also on our count down we are finally in the two digits. 98 more days til we get to meet our little angel. I can't believe I only have 14 more weeks to go. I am getting very excited. Yesterday and today she seems to be moving around more often in the afternoon, as well as at night when I am ready to go to bed. Still waiting for Zach to be able to feel her... hopefully soon... she needs to kick a bit harder.

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The Saras Family said...

yeah! FUN FUN FUN!!! love that part. Rog felt Hudson for the first time after i ate our thanksgiving dinner... i think i was right around where you are now. it was CrAzY.
so happy for you guys!