Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cereal Time!!

So on Monday I called the doctor to ask about starting Sophia on rice cereal. She informed me that this would not be a problem, to think small amounts, to remember that most of the cereal will come right back out her mouth and to not get frustrated with her not swallowing the food right away.
Zach and I got the high chair put together on Sunday night in preparation for Monday. We continued our normal routine, so when I got home I nursed Sophia then we put her in her high chair, which she absolutely loves, and got ready for day one of cereal. I made the cereal very liquidy on the first attempt, per what the box says, and of course most came right back out. Day 2 I made the cereal a bit less liquidy and we had a bit more success. So on to today, Day 3 and I made the cereal a bit thicker, and we had even more success!! She might actually be getting the hang of it all.
On another note, little miss will be 4 months old tomorrow! I will write more about that later on tomorrow!

Happy girl!! I think she likes it!

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