Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Thursday after school got out, Zach and I packed up the car to head out to the lake for part of the weekend. My family was doing Easter dinner on Saturday afternoon so that we could go to church on Sunday and then to Zach's grandmothers for lunch. We had a nice relaxing weekend there, and headed back on Saturday night so that Zach could go meet up with his brother and friends for his 30th birthday. HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY UNCLE MATT!!

Aunt KK (Carol) Jordan and Sophia

Making the bunny house with Jordan! Sophia enjoyed watching and looking at all the colors!

Jordan and the finished product!

Grandpa, Jordan, and Sophia getting a little playtime in... Sophia was chewing on Jordan's fingers!

Now on to Grandpa's fingers!

I think she out grew the the swing at the lake... she can pull herself forward and possibly fall out... so no more swing at the lake :(

Grandma and Aunt KK cooking Easter dinner... and my mom discovered how wonderful the baby bjorn is!!! I love it too... handsfree!

Sophia's FIRST EASTER DINNER at the BIG TABLE!! She sat in the high chair for the first time for Easter dinner.... she enjoyed playing with her toys and being up with everyone at the table.

Playtime with Uncle Matthew!!!


Happy girl!

Matt and Claudia Klump with Sophia

Naptime... tummy time!!

Getting her nighttime bottle from her favorite cousin... Jordy man!!

Also have to comment about her bottles... Sophia is very close to holding her bottle on her own. When she sees it, she has to have it. She fights to get it. Yesterday she started wanting to eat about every 2 1/2 hours and at 3:30 she nursed for 20 minutes she also ate 4 oz of formula. Then at 6:15 she was hungry all over again. We held her off for 30 more minutes and fed her 8 oz of formula at her night time feeding and she drank it all. She did this again today so I think it is time for ceral. So now I have even more questions.... when do I give her the ceral? I want to feed her and not have the sitter have this job, so it needs to be in the evening. Will that work? Do I nurse first? What kind of ceral do I give her? How much do I give her? Is it to early? OMG... and we don't go to the doctor until next Monday... so do I wait or do I call the doctor tomorrow... any advice is welcome.


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