Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Hop Tuesday- 3 Things You Don't Know About Us

I have been participating in a blog hop, it is pretty fun you can just click on the links to jump from blog to blog. This week is 3 things you don't know about us.

1. My husband I met during my first year teaching. He teaches 5th Grade and I teach Special Education. We started dating in Jan. 05, got engaged in Nov. 05, and married on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic March 10, 2006. We both just knew from the start that we would be together forever!

2. My husband graduated from the University of Texas and I graduated from Texas Tech University... and even though we went to different universities and even though he went to Texas he will cheer for Tech but only if we are not playing each other!

3. We lead a very quiet yet, a very loud life, a fantastic one at that. We love spending as much time as we can together and with our family and friends. We are raising our beautiful baby girl, Sophia, and we hope to have more children in the future.

There really isn't that much that others don't know about us, but if you do know us, you know pretty much all of it!

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I am Harriet said...

Sounds like a wonderful romance :)
Just stopping down via the blog hop to say hello!

Booklover1212 said...

Hopping over from the Blog Hop to say hi from Colorado!

I enjoyed reading your post! Your baby girl is ADORABLE!!

~ Jennifer

Anonymous said...

just saying hi from new zealand