Sunday, July 12, 2009

Teeth Update

So the 4th tooth finally came in this past Thursday, and as of today you can actually see it... so now we have 4 bottom teeth.... and I think that the 5th is on the way... another one on the bottom. I can't believe that S has 4 teeth let alone the 4 bottom teeth and no top teeth. CRAZY!!
Her temperament has been much better but she is still super clingy to her mommy... which I love (most of the time!)

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The Amaro Twins said...

My goodness she is just the cutest thing!! Jason doesn't usually comment on other peoples kiddos but he was telling me that he thought lil' Miss S is a really cute baby! ;)

Oh, by the way Carter's teeth came in pretty similar to S. He didn't have any top teeth for the longest time. He even got a molar before his top teeth came in.

I was wondering how you got people to advertise on your blog.