Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we headed out to my parents lake house for a long relaxing weekend. Our friends Jeremy and Roxie and their 3 week old little one Presley headed out with us as well. We had a lot of fun being lazy, or as lazy as you can with a 7 month old on the "crawl" and a brand new little one. It was nice to help Roxie with Presley to let her catch up on some sleep and remember the days of when S was that little, which seems like forever ago. They really do just grow right before your eyes. Sophia started a new crawl, with one leg up and one on the floor. She also likes to do a bit of a bear crawl, no knees on the floor... Oh my I think walking is right around the corner!!

Daddy, S and Christopher playing in the baby pool!

Grandpa holding Presley

Aunt Roxie blowing out her b-day cake that I made for her. Her b-day is this Wed.

Grandma and Matthew playing with Presley

S was so very interested in Presley we let her get a closer look with out grabbing a hold of her.

Little Miss Presley chillin while Aunt Jesse and Grandma Leslie watch her so Mommy Roxie can get a good nap in!

She loves this toy so that she can pull up and bang bang bang to make some more noise!

Uncle Matthew giving S her baba

Me, Uncle Matthew, and S still getting her bottle. She is starting to like him a bit more!

Later on Saturday afternoon, we finally worked it out so that we could get a little photo shoot of the two girls together. We even got them matching outfits. As you can imagine Presley was so super easy to handle, she slept straight through the shoot, however my little princess was again ever so eager to get her hands on Presley. She was trying to crawl all over the place. We did manage to get a few good shots. I think that I am in need of a new camera, one that will not have such a long waiting period before capturing the moment. I am going to start researching some, so any suggestions are welcome! Here are the photos of the girls!

The Princess!

Little Miss!

Princess and Little Miss together!

S is 7 months and P is 3 weeks!

So we got a little experimental and let Sophia sit and we put Presley in her lap and it couldn't have been any cuter... Sophia gave her a HUGE kiss on the head!
I just know they are going to be great friends!!

Grandpa caught a BIG one late Saturday night... I think it is bigger than Presley. HA!

Sunday after everyone left, my mom and I got to cleaning. Sophia was a HUGE help. She helped fold laundry, make beds, and empty the dish washer. It was nice to have everyone at the lake house, but I enjoyed the afternoon with my mom even though we were cleaning!

Sunday, chillin on the dining room table while Mommy and Grandma folded laundry!

And here she is helping us empty the dishwasher.

**on another note, I will not be posting for a little while as my mom, S and I are going to Philly to see family. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. This will be the first time S is on a plane. We leave in the afternoon on Thursday. Any advice for flying with an infant?????


The Saras Family said...

H did the one leg crawl. so cute! I cant believe how big S is.
Advice: Get to the airport early, tell them you are flying for the first time with an infant and you need boarding pass 1. AND that you would really love an extra seat if available.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just blog hopping tonight and found yours. I have enjoyed reading it.. I love seeing all the different blog designs. Have a great week.