Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Week of School


Sophia on her first day of school (aka daycare)

Play by play of the week…

Monday:  She was so super excited about starting her new school.  She had her new nap mat, back pack, and lunch box… don’t forget Buggie.  Once we got inside, we hung up her “stuff” and filled up her cubbie.  We did a little walk through of the room and it was time to go… Sophia immediately started to cry… and well so did I.  I couldn’t stop myself… we were both sobbing.  The director was so super sweet, she took Sophia from me and I just b-lined for the front door.  Once outside Zach and I were talking… well he was mostly consoling me, the director came out and told me that she had already stopped crying… SUCCESS!  The director called and told me she ate a great lunch and slept the whole nap time.  Pick up was the best moment EVER.  She couldn’t stop hugging me and telling me she loved me and missed me.  IT WAS ONE OF THE SWEETEST MOMENTS EVER!!

Tuesday: Sophia woke up asking if it was a school day, and then began whining.  It was a rough morning to say the least.  Once we got to school she began crying, I however, was able to hold back my tears until I left her room.  I was a wreck.  She had a great second day.

Wednesday: Sophia again woke up and asked if it was a school day.  So this time I showed her a calendar and we drew little school houses for school days and wrote Mommy and Daddy for Saturday and Sunday, or Mommy days according to Sophia.  She was much better about leaving for school.  Plus Ms. Tara told her that she could bring a book to share, which she was super excited about.  She of course cried when I left, and I cried when I got to the car… improvement.  BUT of course when I picked her up, she had a runny nose and a low grade fever.  YUCK… 3 days of daycare and we have a cold. BOO!

Thursday:  Repeat of Wednesday, with the new added comments all morning about how she doesn’t like me when I have to work… it breaks my heart. 

Friday:  Repeat… except this time I didn’t cry until I talked to my mom on the phone. Ms. Tara told me that Sophia really enjoys using the little potty and she is always front and center wanting to help, read, and learn.  She also said that she talks non-stop and that she talks really well… yes I am bragging… I JUST ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT MY LITTLE SWEET SOPHIA!

This week has been a lot better.  Minus this morning… Sophia had lots of crying… but the mornings at home are getting easier now that we have a bit of a routine.  I hope that she continues to do well at school and enjoy being there.  She is finally starting to talk about school and some of the kids that are “nice” and her two teachers that she really seems to like.  She loves being able to bring books to share with her friends at school.  I keep telling myself that this is good for her development socially and academically for her to be around other students.  And on an upside… she is finally starting to feel better. Yay!

I must add a quick side note… a HUGE thank you to my husband who has been very supportive of his crazy pregnant, emotional wife the past two weeks… I wouldn’t have gotten through them without him.  Also one to my mom, who calms me down every morning after dropping Sophia off and for coming over a couple of nights to see Sophia and make her days special.  I LOVE YOU BOTH MORE THAN WORDS! xoxo

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