Tuesday, October 14, 2008

31 weeks

Well last week, I didn't get around to putting up a post about Zach, Sophia, and me. Things were a bit crazy. We went to my friend Roxie and Jeremy's on Saturday to watch the Texas vs. OU game. GO TEXAS! Then we watched the Texas Tech game. Overall a great Saturday since both our teams won. Sunday, my body decided that it was time to get sick, so instead of heading to the fair with some friends for some yummy food, I laid around in bed while Zach worked on his masters classes, my mom brought us dinner, and then got up for a bit to help Zach pack to leave for camp with his fifth graders. Monday and Tuesday were two more days of feeling sick, just getting through the day to go home and lay in bed and with Zach being out of town, I did not hear, you're already in bed, you're still in bed, or you're not getting out of the bed. It was very relaxing, but yes I did miss him very much. Sophia is becoming more and more active. I feel like she is doing somersaults all day long, ending up very much in my ribs. Her and I have long talks about how she is causing mommy some pain, and occasionally, she will move, which is nice when she listens to me! Other times, it is just time to go and lay down.

So there is a small wrap up of the past week. And now on to Sophia at 31 weeks, 4 oranges, or nearly 3 1/2 pounds and almost 17 inches long. Hard to believe how big she is getting and only 63 more days til I get to meet my little angel. She is moving, kicking, swimming... and more... moving on to a growth spurt they say... where will she grow to? I don't think there is much more space for her, I am starting to feel bigger and bigger, with a bit more discomfort when I am sitting down, especially at work. I feel much better laying down or walking, which occurs most afternoons after school. I have almost completely lost my belly button, hopefully I won't have one that pokes out. We are looking into daycares for March when I go back to work, which is a whole other story for another time, but I know that we will find the right place for Sophia, I just need to give it to God and he will help us find the answers as he always does. He blesses me everyday with my husband, daughter to be, family and friends. I just can't wait to bring Sophia into this life and share with her. On another note, the nursery is coming along... just about finished... and I am looking forward to my next couple of showers.

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