Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today we had another doctor appointment with Dr. Herzog. My blood pressure and weight were both good. Sophie's heart beat was good and strong. We talked with Dr. Herzog about making the trip to the lake for Thanksgiving, and he told us no worries on that front.
I asked him if he he could tell if she was head down and ready to come in about 7-8 weeks. So he decided that he would turn on the sonogram machine, even though the sonogramist was not there and we would take a look. I was very excited since we have not seen Sophie since we found out that she was a girl 12 weeks ago. After the machine was up and running, he took us into the room and we got started. He started pressing some buttons and commented, "Doesn't it look like I know what I am doing?" He put the jelly on my belly, and found her head first! It is right where she is supposed to me, down, and ready to go. Her feet are up under my ribs, causing my discomfort, which he said I will just have to deal with. We also saw her heart beating, and she was very active, which again he said was great. I also asked him about how much he thinks Sophie weighs, and he said about 3 1/2 pounds. Zach asked him if he could tell if she was still a girl and he said, "Oh, that is beyond my capabilities!" He was joking with us, since he doesn't normally do the sonograms. This sonogram was just a quick look to see how she is sitting inside my belly. We also talked about moving the due date to December 15th!!!!
The next appointment is in two weeks and my mom and Zach's mom are coming since we have a sonogram scheduled with the sonogramist. They are very excited to see Sophie since neither of them had sonograms when they were pregnant.

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