Friday, March 6, 2009

A day of play!

Sophia did a lot of playing today... and boy did she play hard. So hard she fell asleep both times in the middle of playing.

She has discovered that her bouncy seat has toys!! She really likes the blue bird.

She finally grabbed a hold of it!

And then it put her to sleep... it was hard work... and yes, again with the thumb... she loves it!

After lunch we played on the floor some together. She is kicking up a storm. She can move those legs so fast. She is also rolling from side to side a lot. She gets her body around, and her head, but has not yet discovered that if she gets her leg around she will turn over, but we are practicing. I love watching her play when she discovers all the things to look at. She just smiles, kicks, talks to you, and tries to get that yummy thumb in her mouth. And again she fell asleep in mid play. It is just so exhausting!! She is just so precious!

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Anonymous said...

she is so long, Jesse! What a cutie pie! Love, Shawn