Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Since it's been raining....

I thought I would finally get around to blogging about our BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon.
On Sunday Zach's parents dropped Sophia off after babysitting her over the night on Saturday around 10. I fed Sophia then got us ready to go and meet my mom for lunch at Red Robin. Then we ran to the grocery store. When we got home I fed Sophia again, and my mom, me, Zach, and Sophia went for a walk in our neighborhood. After wards we came back to the house and Zach pulled weeds and Sophia, my mom and I hung out in the front yard and played while Zach worked.

All smiles before going to lunch... but then again she is all smiles all the time... she is such a good baby!!

Zach pulling weeds... I sure hope our lawn is as pretty as it was last year!

Grandma and Sophia

Super cute in her hat and work out outfit!

Such a sweet boy... Maverick chillin in the yard!

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Yomaida said...

so cute! Enjoy your last week!