Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break and Back to Work...

Oh my goodness so much has happened in the past week. The last couple of days of spring break Zach, Sophia, and I headed out to the lake for Thursday and Friday. Then headed back in town for Saturday I had a baby shower to attend and we had some friends coming over to meet Sophia and play for awhile.
So the exciting news is that Sophia got her first tooth on Friday. Thursday's drive to the lake was a mess. Sophia did not want to be in her car seat, she wanted to eat, so we stopped at the Walmart in Greenville and I nursed, and yes in the car. Once back on the road, she still was not a happy camper, Zach had to ride in the back with her the rest of the way. She was pretty fussy all day Thursday... and much to our surprise we woke up Friday morning and she had her first bottom tooth!!!
Jordan was out at the lake with us for the weekend and he was such a great big cousin. He read to her, he pushed her in her stroller, he played with her, and he even changed a couple of diapers.

I also must post a picture of my gift that I put together for a friends shower. I was so proud of it.

Now onto my first day back at work... it went must smoother and easier than I anticipated. The day seemed to fly by and Sophia had a great day at Ms. Kathy's. She is a wonderful woman, I couldn't ask for anything better. It helps reduce the anxiety knowing that my sweet angel is being loved on all day long. I will have to let you know how the rest of the week goes by.... hopefully very fast.

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Brooke & Jathan said...

Oh my gosh, a tooth, already. Peyton did not get her first tooth until she was 11 months. I am glad your first day went smoothly. My first day back went well too. I was looking forward to going back to work since Pey had reflux and was so fussy. It was nice to have some time away from the crying, but it seems like you have the perfect baby! Just wait, the days are going to start flying by and before you know it, she'll be a year old.