Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Weekly Routine

So we have gotten our nightly routine down pretty good. I pick up Sophia, then we come home and play some then I nurse Sophia. After she eats, we head out for our walk. When we get back from our walk Sophia has some playtime and then Zach and I cook dinner and get lunches ready, bottles ready, diaper bag ready, and so forth...After dinner we have a little bit more playtime, then bath time, bottle with Daddy, and Sophia is off to bed.
On another note... one week of work down... 10 more til summer time. I might be already getting the hang of this... as long as I don't stop going until after Sophia goes to bed I have more energy than I thought. We are even still going on our daily walks!!! YIPPEE.
I am truly blessed. I thank God everyday for my sweet baby, my husband, my home, my job, and my family and friends that are there everyday to help support me in everything that I do.
Here is a quick video of Sophia sitting in her Bumbo chair playing while we got dinner ready one night this past week. She was a very good girl.
Check out my beautiful baby...

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nicole f said...

love the video! she is so cute! I can't believe she is already sitting up and playing!