Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was my first Mother's Day! It was FABULOUS! We woke up early with Sophia around 7. Zach and Sophia gave me this super cute Mother's Day coupon booklet! There is a lot of great redeemable items and chores for my husband to do around the house. We ate a great breakfast and lounged around in our pj's until around 11 when we got dressed to head over to Zach's mom's for lunch.

He was pretty creative!

This one I can't wait to use!

After lunch we did a little family shopping at Target. I got some green beans, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash to make Sophia some homemade baby food this week. I looked for some prunes, but they did not have fresh ones, so I had to buy some Gerber baby prunes.
On the issue of Sophia and her constipation, today was the worst. She was very fussy and was trying so hard, bless her little heart, but had a very hard time today. She just wanted to be held and rocked. That part I enjoyed, she was very cuddly today.
Here are some cute photos from this weekend.

Her new favorite position. She is ready to be crawling... she moves herself around very well without crawling!

Cheering on the Mavericks, sadly no luck in that... here's hoping they win game 4 to stay in it! You can't really tell, but this is her cute pink Maverick's onesie, it has a basketball on her butt!

Sitting with Pooh Bear at Roxie and Presley's shower, chewing on some yummy celery.

This week we are super busy we have dinner at my Mom's tomorrow since we have some family in town, cleaning up the house to get ready for Sophia's 5 month pictures done by a friend from college who does photography, heading out to see the King Tut display and Sophia's baptism next Sunday! Yikes that is a lot. I can't wait! Hope everyone has a great week!

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