Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well Sophia has been a very constipated little lady these days... again... so my pediatrician suggested trying 2-4 ounces of juice a day to help get her started instead of the glycerin suppositories every three days. Well the juice did NOT help at all. We tried it for two weeks. Apple juice, pear juice and peach juice. We tried it cold, diluted with water, not diluted, and warm.... NOPE she was not a fan. She was only going once a week still. So I called yesterday to ask what we can try next. PRUNES!! Yikes. I really want to make my own baby food for Sophia, and I really wanted to start her on veggies before fruits... but I am learning that with a baby you cannnot plan for anything... you have to go with the flow... OF YOUR BABY!!
So I ran out to the store yesterday and picked up some prunes. I did taste them, not too bad. So after Sophia's 4 o'clock bottle and did cereal and some prunes. She didn't seem to mind them. She made some faces since it was a new taste, but overall pretty good yesterday and today. I am however thinking that she should start eating first and then get her bottle so she will be more interested in the food rather than the bottle. The mention of her bottles brings me to the sad fact that today was her last day of breast milk. I just hope that she got enough from me to help build up her immune system.
Also I am wondering if anyone makes their own baby food. I did find a good website that teaches you how to do it, but any suggestions would be great. The site I found is

mmmmm..... PRUNES!

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Brooke & Jathan said...

In case the prunes don't work, I know this sounds gross, but Pey's doctor's office recommended checking her temperature, if you know what I mean. They said you might get a little surprise. Also, it could be the cereal. You may want to take a break for a couple of days. Cereal is really just empty calories and a training food, so she will not miss out on anything. Pey never really took to cereal. The only cereal she got was in her bottles due to her reflux. Just thought I give you some other ideas. She is really starting to get big.